Join + Occupy


Be Part of the Octopus Mandala!

There are many levels of participation – from solo to small to large group, from remote locations to joining us at the launch event at the Glow Festival in Santa Monica. We invite you to add your voice and image to the chorus of people taking back the joy of simple living and celebrating the end of the Industrial Age. OMG!


Go to your ferris wheel at dusk and get on it. When you reach the top and see the full 360 view of the city, pick up your phone (or video camera) and record your name and chant / hum “OMMM”.

Use Instagram on your smartphone to upload your video, and hashtag it with: #octopusmandala and the name of your ferris wheel (without spaces).

Or upload a photo or video directly from your smartphone or computer here (supported file formats – png,jpeg,gif,mp4,mov,mk4; max file size: 10MB)

GROUP: be the OMG Ring Leader!

Locate a wheel you are interested to occupy and go once on your own to get an idea of the size, the number of people per gondola and the price of tickets. Set a date and check the hour of sunset – send us the info at least 2 weeks in advance with your info. We will contact you and make arrangements to fedex the LED Octopus Crown with further tips and directions on how to have a successful gathering and projection of voices.